You might have read articles or watched videos on how to grow microgreens but nothing can beat the hands-on experience of attending a Live Workshop.

in this Workshop, you'll get to learn:

What Microgreens are

They're not sprouts, they're not mature plants either, but  they certainly have a lot to offer.

Why to grow & eat them

We will look into how much time and space it takes to grow an abundance of these nutrient-dense and quick-maturing greens right in your own kitchen. 

How to Grow Them

From selecting seeds and the right type of soil mix, to planting, managing and harvesting your crops, we will cover all steps in details while you actually sow a couple of trays for yourself to take home.

The Culinary Experience

During this workshop you will harvest some fresh Microgreens and will learn how to get creative with them by preparing a healthy meal to appreciate the freshness of a "farm-to-fork" produce.

You will leave this workshop with:

- a lifetime Free access to Saba’s Microgreens Online Course (at $225 value)

- A basic Microgreens Starter Kit (at $50 value)

- loads of inspiration to grow your own food (priceless) 

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