The Full Experience


Not only will you learn how to grow your own Microgreens,

but you will get to harvest and taste some as well.

During this workshop we will use some fresh cut greens 

to make a big healthy meal and

appreciate the freshness of the "farm-to-fork" produce.

Everyone who will come to the workshop will leave with:


- a lifetime Free access to Saba’s Microgreens Workshop Presentation (at 250€ value).

- a couple of trays to start growing your own microgreens at home (at 20€ value)

- loads of inspiration to grow your own food (priceless)

Who We Are

Haleigh Pickett

Saba Nazarian

Haleigh, originally from Canada, is a certified Horticulturalist and is starting her seventh year of commercial farming.

2018 marks her fourth season at the Bio-dynamic Gärtnerei Piluweri, just 30 km away from Freiburg.

Food security, food justice, and engaging her community with their food source is a passion and pleasure for Haleigh; motivating her to host and facilitate workshops in her Freiburg community.

Saba, is a Culinary Farmer and a sustainable foods advocate specializing in growing nutrient-dense greens, all year round.

Saba's mission is to inspire and educate city dwellers to partake in the sustainable food movement by growing their own greens at home.

He believes that not only will this lead to adapting a healthier diet, but it will also contribute to the environmental and economic sustainability of our communities.


*Space is limited, so make sure to sign up fast to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Freiburg Germany

Microgreens Workshop

Sunday, March 18, 2018 | 14:00 - 17:00 | Green City Hotel Vauban

What Microgreens are

WHY to grow & eat them

How to grow them

In this Microgreens workshop, you will learn:

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