Saba Nazarian is a culinary farmer, educator, and a sustainable food advocate, specializing in all-year-round production of nutrient dense culinary herbs and vegetables.


Limited by restrained space and cold local climate, he founded 

Sabzy Greens as a startup Micro-Indoor Farm out of his Montreal apartment in the winter of 2015. Considering the rising prices and limited availability of fresh local produce, Saba decided to grow microgreens as his main indoor crop using vertical spaces. Thanks to the quick-maturing nature of microgreens, soon he started supplying local chefs and a small community of health conscious individuals with freshly cut greens.

Faced with increasing interest in his #GrowYourOwnGreens

approach, Saba aspires to inspire city-dwellers to partake in the sustainable food movement by growing their own greens. He believes that not only will this lead to adopting a healthier diet, but it will also contribute to the environmental and economic sustainability of communities.

As a mission-driven Agripreneur and traveler, Saba is devoted to helping communities around the world create productive and profitable farming enterprises by sharing his knowledge and experience gained from working with his mentors Curtis Stone and Jean-Martin Fortier.

In late 2018, Saba moved to Malmö, Sweden to join Scandinavia's Food and Farming Hub called Botildenborg, where he currently is building an educational farm running in parallel with Stadsbruk's Incubator Program.

Stadsbruk Urban Farming Incubator

Stadsbruk envisions green cities with urban farms providing healthy and locally grown food while contributing to the local economy. Stadsbruk's mission is to actively increase the number of local and organic growers through agri-preneurship training in collaboration with municipalities.

Botildenborg Urban Farm is a 1500m2 Market Garden producing a selected variety of high quality and nutrient-dense Microgreens and culinary vegetables for local restaurants and companies interested in locally and ecologically grown produce in Malmö, Sweden.

Read more about Saba's journey:

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